Facebook & Garage Sales

My wife, mother and sister-in-law ran a garage sale at my house a few weekends ago.  They were selling old baby clothes, toys, and several pieces of furniture that have been sitting in storage for way to long.  There were a lot of items to be sold and I felt they would be lucky to sell even a small fraction.

They took out ads in the local paper, hung signs around town, and eagerly awaited the 8 AM Saturday opening.  Sure enough… at 8 AM there were several people waiting to get their first crack at the sale.  By 10 AM the initial surge died off and only a small trickle of new people arrived.  It looked like my predictions about the sale were going to be right.

Then I took a quick peak at my Facebook Wall.  

My sister-in-law had just started posting pictures of the remaining items to her Facebook wall, each with a short description and asking price.  Then she turned around and posted them to a local Facebook group, Fondy & Area Buy, Sell & Give Away


Those few posts to Facebook changed the tide!  

Within minutes all of their cell phones started to ring off the hook from friends asking questions about the pictures.   This was followed by a new surge of customers arriving to snap up the items they saw on her wall.  It remained steadily busy the rest of the day.  

When the smoke cleared, they had sold all of the furniture, the majority of toys, and a most of the kids clothes too!

Facebook & Garage Sales:  A Perfect Partnership… who knew?!?!   



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