Social Search is the next evolution

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I believe that the integration of social networking with search is the next evolution of how we will use the web to make decisions and purchases for decades to come.

The Bing / Facebook partnership is just the beginning!

– Vincent Wondra (aka BizzyVince)
BizzyWeb – VP of Operations

For years, search engine like Google and Bing have tirelessly worked to deliver the most relevant and accurate search engine results.  The algorithms that rank pages are based on things like keyword rich text, freshness of the content, the number of links coming into your site,and many other factors to determine a websites relvance and page rank. These factors can all be influenced with good SEO to improve your websites ranking…until now.

The rules of the game have just changed… enter Social Search!

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People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.

– Malorie Lucich, Facebook Spokesperson, February 2011

We listen to our friends and other people we trust more than we listen to advertisements, press releases, spokespeople, or all put together.  What better way to improve search engine results than to incorporate the human element! Bing and Facebook are just beginning to leverage to power of us by consulting the tastes of our friends and integrating their Facebook Likes into their search engine results. Google is rolling out the Google+ social network and the Google +1 button to do the exact same thing.

While Bing, Facebook, and Google are tight-lipped as to how social search will be used specifically to rank websites, one thing is clear.  As more and more people use social search and give websites Likes or +1’s the influence of social search on search engine ranking will grow just like a snowball rolling down the hill.  It will continue to get bigger and bigger, and move faster and faster and become more and more significant.  The more Likes or +1’s a website has, the more relevance the site must be.  The more relevance a site has, the greater it’s page rank.  The greater the page rank, the higher a site is in search engine results.

Are you ready for Social Search?

Are you or your business ready for the power of Social Search?  Let BizzyWeb get your website ready for Social Search by adding a Facebook Like button and Google +1 button to your site today! Contact us today!

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