Partner Spotlight: ABCs Foundation

ABC Safety

The greatest danger to your children and pets hides in plain sight. It’s not any chemical or plant, it’s no sharp corner or open socket. It’s probably hanging next to your window in a tangled loop right now. Blind cords strangle at least one child a month, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  It’s a shocking statistic, but the […]

6 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Use Online Marketing to Reach New Customers

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  by Ali Hyatt, Constant Contact As a small business, online marketing often provides the most cost-effective methods for attracting new customers. But any form of marketing — whether it’s online, print, television, or direct mail — usually costs something and it can be hard to find the resources needed to spread the word about […]

Understanding The SEO Journey – Old vs New SEO


As an online marketing agency, SEO is a common topic of discussion around the BizzyWeb office. This recent blog post published on Webbiquity.com by guest author Jack Dawson is an informative and easy-to-understand explanation of old versus new SEO. * * * by Jack Dawson Everyone implementing SEO usually has the same question – how long before I […]

Create the Perfect Offer: 4 Questions You Need to Ask First


by Constant Contact Special offers have played an important role in how small businesses attract new customers and bring in repeat business since long before the term “online marketing” ever existed. Before email or Facebook, Twitter or Google, there were coupons in the local paper, annual sales at the local retail store, and news of special promotions […]

Extra! Extra! Dave Meyer Featured in New Business Minnesota


Projecting a great image to your customers is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to grow your business. If you use the right tools, you will present your company as a trusted resource and professional solution provider. It can seem daunting to create a professional-looking website, get your social media set up and […]

Minenko & Hoff P.A.

Minenko & Hoff P.A.

I’m very happy and I, without hesitation, would recommend Bizzyweb to not only my lawyer colleagues but anyone else.– Mike Minenko, Attorney Minenko & Hoff P.A. is a Minnesota-based employment law and business litigation firm. Attorney Mike Minenko needed an fresher alternative to his current website. He was disappointed with the high cost of current […]

Bertolas & Pekula, LLC

Bertolas & Pekula, LLC

Bertolas and Pekula isn’t your typical CPA firm, and this is no typical site. Using one of our newest themes, we gave this client a dynamic design with 3D scrolling. This memorable new site shows their potential clients exactly who they are and what they do.

Mighty Musky

Mighty Musky

The new website design makes me happy whenever I open it. I don’t even remember what our other site used to look like!– Laura Stevenson, Website Content Editor and Bookkeeper Mighty Musky is Minnesota’s premier musky fishing experience. Josh Stevenson and his wife Laura also manage Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle. Both of their sites […]

Seven Tips for Effective Local SEO


This week we’re sharing an informative article on local SEO published by Marketing Prof’s  Arundhati Sriraman. * * * SEO can be time-consuming. Why? Because if you’re ranking well in searches, your competitors won’t take it lying down; and if you’re not ranking well, you shouldn’t take it lying down… Moreover, SEO is ever-changing, and […]

ActionCOACH Metro North

Action Coach Metro North

  Bizzyweb really understands the technical side and the SEO, as well as understanding how to partner up with other platforms to help get recognized on the web. I look at today’s business climate: everything is online. To me, the most important thing is that you’re coming up in searches.– Tracy Ford, General Manager, Senior […]