Optimize “Old” Blog Posts to Maximize Search Results


This week we are sharing a unique tactic for increasing blog traffic to your website: optimizing the older blog content on your website. The following information is excerpted from a recent article by Pamela Vaughan, published on HubSpot Blogs. Click here to read the full article. * * * The Blogging Tactic No One Is […]

Now Hiring! Part-Time Bookkeeper

BizzyWeb's new signs at our HQ

Are you highly organized, action-oriented and have a strong work ethic? BizzyWeb is currently seeking a part-time bookkeeper to work in our Champlin office.

North Metro TV

North Metro TV

North Metro TV needed a powerful website to house videos, a store, schedules, news and more. It was an ambitious project, but BizzyWeb delivered the functionality North Metro TV required.

91 Degrees F

91 Degrees F

91 Degrees F needed a landing page. BizzyWeb designed a landing page that subtly flows through information in an organic, user-intuitive way.

Cyberbullying: Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Business

Cyber Bullying

Online, safety is key. You browse the internet with anti-virus programs, avoid suspicious email attachments and guard your personal information. But a quick click away or a program can’t protect you from the greatest online threat: cyberbullying. But what should you do when you encounter it? Here are a few tips from the experts on steps you can take to protect yourself, your family and your business.

4 Simple Steps to Creating Landing Pages that Convert


It is easy to get dazzled by latest marketing tools and techniques. You stay current on all the latest innovations from the marketing world and  attempt to implement everything you’ve learned on your landing pages at once. This is a huge mistake. Using new techniques is good, but you shouldn’t blindly follow every new trend that surfaces. […]



VirtualOffiCenters provides innovative office solutions that modern companies desire. They have five locations across the metro and clients spanning almost every industry. Their current website was feeling a bit dated. They needed a refreshing, dynamic new design.

10 Simple SEO Mistakes to Avoid


by Jeremy Taylor, Constant Contact You have a website and you want people to see it. The trouble is, you have an awful lot of competition. If the world wide web is a beach, the websites on it are grains of sand. So how do you make sure your grain is the one your target […]

12 Changes That Will Impact Your SEO Strategy


SEO is a moving target. As a startup founder, you need to be prepared to make your strategy work no matter what Google enforces. Here are 12 recent trends and how you can prepare for them.

JerCo Construction

JerCo Construction

JerCo Construction remodels, renovates and designs homes to beautifully reflect their owners’ personalities. For their website, JerCo needed to showcase their past work and make it easy for prospective clients to connect with the company.