Big Changes in Mobile Search Coming April 21 – Is Your Website Ready?

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Google recently announced that on April 21 it’s making mobile-friendliness a ranking signal for searches performed on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile responsive, you may not show up in search results on mobile devices.

Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle

Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle

  I’ve at times been very stressed over a number of website requests that all feel very important (typical for small business owners). I’ve found the BizzyWeb team members to be pleasant, always level-headed, and able to work with me effectively and offer solutions, even during those difficult times.– Laura Stevenson, Website Content Editor and Bookkeeper […]

Mighty Musky

Mighty Musky

The new website design makes me happy whenever I open it. I don’t even remember what our other site used to look like!– Laura Stevenson, Website Content Editor and Bookkeeper Mighty Musky is Minnesota’s premier musky fishing experience. Josh Stevenson and his wife Laura also manage Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle. Both of their sites […]

6 Ways to Promote Your Next Event


by Erik Mintz, Constant Contact With any event, whether it’s a class, seminar, open house, fundraiser or something in between, the ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible to attend. There’s no point in planning a free or fee-based event if no one shows up. To get the most out of your efforts, […]

Minenko & Hoff P.A.

Minenko & Hoff P.A.

I’m very happy and I, without hesitation, would recommend Bizzyweb to not only my lawyer colleagues but anyone else.– Mike Minenko, Attorney Minenko & Hoff P.A. is a Minnesota-based employment law and business litigation firm. Attorney Mike Minenko needed an fresher alternative to his current website. He was disappointed with the high cost of current […]

5 Hot Trends for 2015: Which Will Benefit Your Business?


by Susan Solovic, Constant Contact Predicting trends is always risky business. However, I’m confident the five I’m enumerating here will definitely command their share of headlines over the next 12 months and beyond. But frankly, whether I — or anyone else — publish an “X Number of 2015 Trends” article is not important by itself. Any […]

Now Hiring! Buzz Development (Sales) positions

BizzyWeb's new signs at our HQ

If you have sales experience, enjoy connecting with business owners and are comfortable with web technology and social media, we have a fantastic opportunity for you in our Buzz Development (Sales) position!

5 Questions to Simplify Your Marketing and Help You Reach Your Goals


Even with all the different marketing tools out there, it can still be difficult to come up with a plan. But you can make your marketing a lot simpler by answering a few basic questions.

SEO Strategies to Boost Your Business


With continuous updates to mysterious and complicated algorithms, SEO has changed significantly over the years. It’s no longer enough to load up a page with a bunch of keywords and wait for your page rank to climb. That just doesn’t work anymore. Check out this handy infographic created by digital marketing guru Neil Patel for a quick breakdown of the old and the […]

Create the Perfect Offer: 4 Questions You Need to Ask First


by Ryan Pinkham, Constant Contact Today, there are a number of new ways businesses can run special offers that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible. This is great news for small business owners looking to grow their business and increase foot traffic throughout the entire year. But, it also introduces some new […]