SEO Strategies to Boost Your Business


With continuous updates to mysterious and complicated algorithms, SEO has changed significantly over the years. It’s no longer enough to load up a page with a bunch of keywords and wait for your page rank to climb. That just doesn’t work anymore. Check out this handy infographic created by digital marketing guru Neil Patel for a quick breakdown of the old and the […]

Create the Perfect Offer: 4 Questions You Need to Ask First


by Ryan Pinkham, Constant Contact Today, there are a number of new ways businesses can run special offers that just a few years ago would have seemed impossible. This is great news for small business owners looking to grow their business and increase foot traffic throughout the entire year. But, it also introduces some new […]

BizzyWeb Expands with Acquisition of Tech Nick Creative

TNC Highres

BizzyWeb, a leading web design and digital marketing strategy agency, announced today the acquisition of Tech Nick Creative’s web hosting and design business.

Hurry! FREE Storage Offer From Google!


Today is Safer Internet Day (SID), and in recognition Google is giving away 2GB of additional (and permanent) Google Drive storage space to users who do a quick security settings checkup on their account.

What Are Your Email Marketing Goals for 2015?

Email will continue to be an effective marketing tool in 2015. Setting goals makes it easier to measure results, and also provides the focus and motivation you need to stick with them.

How to Optimize the 4 Most Important Pages on Your Website

optimize website

It should be fairly obvious that some of the pages on your website are more important than others. Implementing a few critical changes has the potential to improve your site dramatically.

Will 2015 Be the Year of Hashtag Marketing?


Hashtags have become a marketing mainstay, taking over Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts. Simply put, hashtags are here to stay.

A Simple Social Media Strategy: Attract, Engage, Convert & Monitor


The growth of social media marketing over the past few years has been astounding; the latest estimates show that in five short years, social media use by businesses has grown from 10% to 84%! Using social media to promote your business, products and services has proven itself an effective marketing tactic, but where to start? For […]

New Tool from Google Helps Define the Customer Journey to Online Purchase

A report published this week by Google analyzed millions of consumer interactions through Google Analytics and distilled how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions.

Social Media is 10 Years Young

Can you believe it’s only been 10 years since Facebook was founded? It seems like only yesterday that “friend” was just a noun and “tweet” was strictly a sound made by our feathered friends. But only 10 years? That seems so young.