Will 2015 Be the Year of Hashtag Marketing?


Hashtags have become a marketing mainstay, taking over Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts. Simply put, hashtags are here to stay.

A Simple Social Media Strategy: Attract, Engage, Convert & Monitor


The growth of social media marketing over the past few years has been astounding; the latest estimates show that in five short years, social media use by businesses has grown from 10% to 84%! Using social media to promote your business, products and services has proven itself an effective marketing tactic, but where to start? For […]

New Tool from Google Helps Define the Customer Journey to Online Purchase

A report published this week by Google analyzed millions of consumer interactions through Google Analytics and distilled how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions.

Social Media is 10 Years Young

Can you believe it’s only been 10 years since Facebook was founded? It seems like only yesterday that “friend” was just a noun and “tweet” was strictly a sound made by our feathered friends. But only 10 years? That seems so young.

4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Social Media Advertising

In today’s online world, social media advertising is an important component of any strategic marketing plan. Here are 4 simple tactics using “brain science” to help your socials ads cut through the visual clutter and attract attention.

The ABCs of Landing Pages that Work

landing-pages-that-work 2

Landing pages are a great way to highlight your products, services or promotions, but how they are constructed is key to getting good results. This infographic lays out what needs to be in place for landing pages to work well for you.

Authorize.Net Disables Use of SSLv3 Accounts

Authorize.Net sent out an email to all of its users entitled “Important POODLE Information for Your Authorize.Net Account,” in reference to disabling SSLv3 Accounts.

Millennials Fuel Demand for Mobile Responsive Websites


If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you’re missing out on Millennials.

5 Ideas for a Profitable Holiday Season

Even though it seems early, it’s time to start planning your holiday promotions. Here are 5 key ways to set your holiday promotion strategy.

Shellshock Bash Bug – What You Need to Know

BizzyWeb works hard to ensure that all of our customers’ websites that we host are protected from malware and security hardened.