Land More Sales by Marketing Smarter Online


“Work smarter, not harder” is a common mantra in small and new businesses. Now more than ever, online marketing can help you do more with less time, money and energy – you just need to know what tools to use and how to use them. BizzyWeb was recently featured in New Business Minnesota August edition.

Twitter Users – Real or Not?

BotOrNot Twitter

Twitter is infested with bots, or fake accounts that flood the social media network. How can you tell if your Twitter followers are real? Find out now.

How Does the CAN-SPAM Act Affect my Email Marketing?

BizzyWeb’s legal advisor, Erin Schulte Swanson of ES Swanson Law, will lead a discussion on e-mail regulations and the CAN-SPAM Act

WordPress 4.0 “Benny” Launched – Get the Details on This Week’s BizzyWebinar


Dave Meyer of BizzyWeb will take this week’s BizzyWebinar to go over the benefits of WordPress 4.0 and share how to safely make the upgrade yourself.

Do You Know Your Best Customer?

BizzyWebinar Today – Email Campaigns that Drive Success

Hot off the Presses! Dave Meyer Featured in New Business MN

New Bus MN 8-14: Landing More Sales Cover

This just in – Dave Meyer writes about how to Land More Sales in the August edition of New Business Minnesota! Dave talks about how marketing smarter online helps you to get the customers you want.

SEO & Analytics – What you need to know!


Do you want to increase your rankings? Do Google Analytics reports look Greek to you? Come learn from BizzyWeb’s own Kevin Broadbent, Online Marketing Guru, and find out the basics of how to optimize your site for better rankings, as well as how to interpret the analytics reports to make better decisions about your website.

The Day the Internet Outgrew it’s Network

After all the chips fell here is what we can best decipher happened to the internet yesterday. Long and short – It outgrew design expectations and broke in certain areas.

Update on BizzyWeb Hosting Outages

We thank you for your patience today during the hosting outages. We have found out that an unreasonably large volume of overall internet traffic today took down the “Eastern Corridor” where our hosting provider is located. Our hosting service provider has identified the issues and is finalizing the fixes.

BizzyWeb Customers Experiencing Outages


We are currently experiencing issues affecting our customers across the Web today due to an outage through several ISPs. Some of our customers have experienced ongoing connectivity issues and we are trying to get more information on a timeframe of when this will be fixed. Generally we would re-route traffic, but this is hindered with the amount of ISPs experiencing outages.

We will update as we get more information both on our website, social media channels, and through e-mails to our customers.